Multilingual SEO Translation

SEO Translation Is Essential For Any Business Wishing To Expand Its Product Or Service Line Into New Markets!

What is SEO Translation?
For any entity looking to target new markets in new languages, the importance of SEO

translation cannot be overlooked. Quite different from localization, our SEO translation service is designed to make your website visible to search engines. This process involves us accurately translating each of the fundamentals that combine to boost your website’s SERP ranking, including target keywords, tags, anchor texts, titles, script messages and numerous other attributes.

Does translating benefit SEO?
The way search engines work necessities the need for SEO translation. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are not just available in one language – instead, they are translated to dozens of different languages, with each domestic variant linked to an independent server that produces unique results determined by local factors.Just because your website ranks well in your home country, does not mean it will rank well in other countries around the world. Only by carefully translating each of your website’s SEO elements can we ensure that your website is ranked in the international markets you are targeting.

SEO translation and localization are quite different!
Our SEO translation and localization services are not the same. Localization is when we adapt a product or service to make it culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target audience – i.e. humans. On the other hand, we perform SEO translation ‘behind the scenes’ in order to make your products and services visible to search engines in the target country.

Why you need SEO translations?
SEO translation is essential for any business wishing to expand its product or service line into new markets and make its website more attractive to local search terms. With Google themselves translating 45 different languages for use on the internet, and 20 of these languages reaching more than 90% of internet users worldwide, the benefits of SEO translation into key languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Japanese etc., are obvious.

1. Google translate 45 different languages for use on the internet
2. 90% of the planet can be reached with just 20 languages.
3. 75% of the worlds Internet users do not speak English as their first language.
4. Asia has the biggest percentage of Internet usage (43%) worldwide, followed by Europe and North America.
5. Local search engines now dominate many domestic markets.
6. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN customize their websites in many countries, especially in Europe.
7. Google reports that 50% of the searches on their site are multilingual.
8. Locally customized SEO is one of the easiest ways to get higher rankings on search engines.

SEO Translation Services

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We work to transfer your search engine optimization efforts seamlessly into the target language of your choice. Our translation efforts don’t stop at translating the content of your website – this is only the beginning. Effective SEO translation of your website must incorporate the following key elements:

1. Content/Articles/Blog Posts
2. Meta Title
3. Meta Tags
4. Meta Descriptions
5. Keywords
6. Anchor Text
7. Google Ads
8. Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc)
9. PPC Adwords
10. All other SEO-related aspects of your website